From Dr. Frager’s Desk: Silver Linings Playbook

Democracy won in Israel and Democracy won in America. From my vantage point the Israeli election results were a lot better than the outcome thus far in America.

It is still too early to say with certainty what the final tally in America will be. As of the time of this writing it appears the Republicans are inching towards the 218 seats needed to control the House. This would be huge if indeed it happens. Yes, a larger number of Congressional seats were expected to be won but a majority and control is not to be taken lightly.

This is what I mean by silver linings playbook.

Be thankful. It is still a victory for the Republicans. Yes, Lee Zeldin lost to Governor Kathy Hochul but he brought out the vote and his coattails helped some incumbents and some new Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen from New York win their elections including Nicole Malliotakis, Claudia Tenney, Anthony D’Esposito, Michael Lawler, and Nicholas LaLota. We want to thank New York GOP Finance Chairs Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz and Jonathan Burkan for their efforts.If the Republicans do reach the 218 seats needed, New York and Lee Zeldin will have a lot to do with it.

His campaign made crime and the revolving door justice system in New York and other big cities a central feature that hopefully will now be addressed and taken more seriously by the newly elected Democratic officials. Democracy works best when both sides learn from each other. An election helps everyone understand the issues or at least it should.

Lee Zeldin should be very proud of the fact that close to 3 million New Yorkers voted for him. That is an outstanding and extraordinary accomplishment. I would not dwell on the reasons he lost. New York is one of the Bluest of States so it is extremely difficult for a Republican to win the governorship.

If I had to speculate, I would say the Supreme Court’s striking down Roe vs. Wade close to the election had a lot to do with it. This energized the Democratic voters and they did not stay home during the voting period. They voted. I believe this was the major factor in Gubernatorial races in Michigan, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. It may well be why Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to John Fetterman in Pennsylvania in the Senatorial race.

As to the final outcome of the Senate races, it is still too early to call. If the Democrats take the Senate it will be total gridlock in Washington. It will also force the Republicans to reassess their entire structure and dynamic. It will take a lot of soul searching. It may well mean a course correction.

Overall, the result of the mid term election of 2022 was not quite what was expected but if indeed the House of Representatives is led by the Republican Party, America is moving in the right direction. Democracy in action works. Silver linings do exist and winning the gold can always happen another time.

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